With the exchange of vows a couple begins a sacred journey, exploring the depth of human love as both the giver and the recipient.  To help a couple make a joyful and meaningful beginning to their marriage, the Christ Church clergy, staff, and volunteers work as a team to assist couples and their families to ensure the joyful day.  There is also a helpful presence provided by Christ Church Wedding Coordinators to assist with all the details of wedding preparation and to support a seamless ceremony.  
Couples often seek to be married in the Church because it provides an attractive, traditional setting. However, sometimes the same couples have little or no relationship to the life of the Church.
At Christ Church we anticipate working with couples who seriously seek to make Christ and the Church a part of their marriage relationship. We urge all couples who are contemplating marriage to worship at Christ Church and share in the life of the congregation. We recommend that couples who are members of congregations of other denominations be married within their own religious traditions.
Experience shows that it is critical for people to celebrate significant events of life in the same liturgical tradition they practice on a regular basis. Ordinarily, permission is not given to active members of congregations of other denominations to be married at Christ Church Grosse Pointe. If you are members of another Episcopal congregation in the Diocese of Michigan, arrangements for a marriage at Christ Church must be made by your parish priest. We will engage in serious conversation about wedding arrangements with those who:
• Are active, worshipping members of the congregation.
• Are actively seeking to become members of Christ Church Grosse Pointe.
• Have families who are active members of the congregation.
• Are members of another Episcopal congregation
• Are willing to engage in a serious exploration of the Christian faith prior to the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage.
Interested couples are encouraged to contact Doris Walker in the Rector’s Office, at