Christ Centered. 

Growing in Christ Together.

Community Focused.

Serving Those Within  Our Walls and Beyond.

Future Driven. 

For Our Kids Today and Our Grandchildren Tomorrow.

To Excel in Love is a five-year strategic plan and investment in the future of Christ Church anchored by an ambitious $6 million fundraising campaign.

 To realize the goals of this effort, we need participation and investment from every member of our congregation.
Success in this campaign will empower us to achieve our goals and carry our nearly 100-year legacy into our second century.
Funds raised will bolster existing programs and develop innovative new programs for our congregation and community.

This is a pivotal moment for Christ Church and we will each play a significant role.

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Campaign Chairperson Lisa Vallee-Smith introduces the To Excel In Love Campaign
Fr. Drew talks about the meaning and origin of To Excel In Love. "To excel in love is a way of life that takes us beyond  ourselves by expanding the reach of our heart to embrace not only ourselves and our families, but our friends and neighbors and even strangers whom we are blessed to meet."
Campaign Chairperson Lisa Vallee-Smith gives an update about To Excel In Love (4/23/23)

Campaign Prayer

God of Love and Joy; your Son proclaimed that in pursuing your way of generous, enduring love we will find completeness of joy, and that in taking up your life of service and abundance we will find fullness of life.  
We give you thanks for your ever-present generosity, the gift of your abiding love revealed in your Son 
and shining throughout the generations here at Christ Church. 
Fill us now, we pray, with confident hope that we may pursue your way of generous love for one another and the world, 
for this generation and those yet to come. In the fellowship of your Son who loves us and in union with 
your Spirit who fills us, we pray with gratitude and joy. Amen.