In Baptism we are revealed to be God’s children and proclaimed members of the Household of God. In baptism, we begin our journey to grow in Christ. 
Membership in a Christian community, commonly a “Church,” is an essential aid in the journey. Together we commit to living as Christ’s disciples, and only together can we fully understand and reveal the breadth of God’s love and gifts to the world. 
As members of Christ Church, we commit to this journey of discipleship and faith together. Active members of Christ Church commit to a pattern of regular corporate worship (that is, worship together) to praise God, to on–going study to shape our faith and life, and to working, praying, and giving for the spread of God’s kingdom. 
We encourage you to join us, to dive into the life of faith, and to experience the richness of life together in Christ.

Infant and Child Baptism

Infants through children in the 6th grade may be baptized at any one of our five Baptism services throughout the year. Infant and child baptism celebrates the great mystery of God’s love for each us, and charges the child’s Godparents and the community of Christ Church as a whole with the responsibility of helping your child grow into the full stature of Christ. Parents and Godparents are required to attend either a Spring or Fall  Baptism prep class, held on Zoom to accommodate participants who may be out of town.,

Adult Baptism

The foundation of membership in any Episcopal Church is an individual’s baptism. In the Episcopal tradition we recognize the baptism of Christians through all other Christian denominations, from Roman Catholic to Russian Orthodox to Presbyterian and Baptist.
Adults who wish to explore baptism or to re–commit their lives to Christ are invited to participate in The Catechumenate: Living the Baptized Life.
For more information about Baptism at Christ Church, please fill out an application.