Acolytes & Vergers
Serving as an Acolyte is both an honor and service to God, enhancing the congregation's worship services. Acolytes at Christ Church begin their training and service any time after entering the sixth grade, but adults are also welcomed to join the Corps. Being involved in the Acolyte Corps gives participants an opportunity to participate in worship services, to connect with one another and to experience a stronger sense of service to God and the church. Vergers assist the priest and lead the acolytes for the assigned service. Inquire here

Gardeners unite! Adopt-a-garden volunteers help to maintain the church grounds by adopting a garden bed throughout a growing season (April to November). Responsibilities include weeding, deadheading flowers, and other light maintenance. Inquire here

Altar Guild
Prepare for services by setting out the appropriate linens and vessels, wine, water and wafers. Inquire here

Christ Church Bakers
Do you enjoy baking? Now and again, we need your gift! Christ Church Bakers bake for Funeral Receptions and occasional Christ Church events. Inquire here

Eucharistic Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers are confirmed parishioners who share in the administration of Holy Communion as ministers of the Chalice. Eucharistic Ministers serve at our Sunday services once every 3-4 weeks and may also volunteer to serve at special services (Major Feasts, as well as baptisms, weddings, funerals). Inquire here

Flower Guild
The Flower Guild is responsible for all flowers in worship, arranging altar flowers weekly, and providing flowers for delivery to parishioners as part of an outreach ministry.  Inquire here

Click here to learn more about providing for our Altar flowers through a Flower Memorial or Thanksgiving celebration.  

Funeral Ministry
Funeral Ministry teams assist families in their time of need, planning and staffing receptions when requested and serve those who attend funeral services at Christ Church. Inquire here

The Holy Dusters
So long as you’re not allergic to dust, you qualify! (And even then, we can probably find something for you to do!) Volunteers meet three or four times a year to clean areas in the church that don't get the attention of normal upkeep. It is always fun and is very satisfying to see the difference a couple of hours can make. Inquire here

Lay Eucharistic Visitors
Our Lay Eucharistic Visitors are trained volunteers who extend the embrace of God and the Christ Church community by offering the Eucharistic elements, consecrated Bread and Wine, to the home – or hospital-bound. Preparation for this sacred ministry is offered annually. Inquire here

Lay Readers
Readers are needed to read the lessons and/or the Prayers of the People during services. Lectors read approximately once every 2–3 months at either the 8 or 9 am service. All readers from upper elementary age are welcome to participate. Training is offered roughly quarterly.  Inquire Here

We can use a pleasant voice to answer phones and greet visitors at our front office, mornings, afternoons or all day. Inquire Here

Rose Garden Crew
So long as you do not mind an occasional prick, this could be for you! Our Rose Garden Crew helps to maintain the Rose Garden during our growing season (April to November) by deadheading flowers and supporting the annual pruning of the rose bushes.  Annual Training provided. Inquire here

Take-a-Meal Volunteers
When things are tough a friendly meal goes a long way.  Sign up to join the mailing list and we will contact you when a parishioner can use a bit of loving help brought to their door. Enquire here

Tellers providing accounting support to the Business office. Inquire here

Ushers and Greeters Guild
Whether it is at an entrance welcoming visitors in or providing direction in the midst of a service, our greeters and ushers extend the hospitality of Christ Church to member and visitors alike. Inquire here

Wedding Coordinators
Wedding Coordinators assist wedding couples and their families in planning weddings at Christ Church, and to support the couple and their wedding party throughout the wedding itself. Inquire here

Serve at Christ Church