I'm New!

All are welcome…all the time.
But we hope for more! We hope to come to know you, to pray with and for you, to walk with you on this good road of faith in the light of God’s love.
So, we hope you’ll consider making Christ Church your spiritual home.
Membership is not required to be part of our spiritual community; anyone who worships with us on a regular basis is a part of this congregation, whether or not they officially become a member.
Everyone is invited, encouraged, even, to join Christ Church and make Christ Church their spiritual home.
Welcome Receptions for Newcomers
Seasonal offerings

If you are new to Christ Church or simply want to reacquaint yourself with the wonderful ministry going on all around,
plan to join Fr. Drew and ministry leaders for a light reception and introduction to life and ministry at Christ Church.  Connect to Christ Church at this welcoming event with clergy, staff, lay leaders, and other newcomers.
Newcomers’ Classes
Fall and Spring Sessions

Are you new to Christ Church and interested in joining the Christ Church community? Over the course of three weeks in the fall and spring, we will explore our faith practices and congregational life, our tradition and heritage as Anglicans, and develop a deeper understanding of membership expectations here at Christ Church.
For more information please contact Mtr. Maureen Martin,

Become a Member

While all are welcome to engage the the ministry of Christ Church through regular participation or seasonal engagement, we  invite experience a deeper connection as Members.  Membership in the community of Christ Church is rooted in Holy Baptism in which we are received into Christ's Body, the Church.  
Holy Baptism
Reception and Transfer
Holy Baptism is the foundation of our incorporation into the Body of Christ and membership in his Church.  

At Christ Church we offer infant and child baptism to member children and grandchildren following a short exploration of faith with the child's parents and sponsors.  Adult baptism is offered to adult who have completed the Catechumenate program.

 The Episcopal Church recognizes the baptism of Christians through all other Christian denominations.  Written notification of baptism (via letter or signed certificate) from another Christian church is sufficient.

To learn more about Holy Baptism, please speak with any member of the clergy team or call the church office at 313-885-4841.
 Baptism Application Form
Confirmation is the rite in which adult members make a mature, public affirmation of faith which  confirmed by an Episcopal Bishop through the laying on of hands.

Customarily, Confirmation is offered annually with the visitation of our bishop on the Day of Pentecost.

Youth in the 8th grade and above are invited to participate in our year-long Youth Confirmation program while adults seeking confirmation participate in the Catechumenate.

Individuals confirmed in another Episcopal congregation, need only request a letter of transfer from a previous congregation.  Individuals confirmed by a Bishop in a Roman Catholic, Lutheran, or Eastern Orthodox Church,  be received by an Episcopal Bishop in a service.

To learn more about Confirmation, please speak with any member of the clergy team or call the church office at 313-885-4841.
Already baptized in another Christian community?  The Episcopal Church recognizes the baptism of Christians through all other Christian denominations.  Written notice of baptism (via letter or certificate), is all that's necessary.  Baptized Christians come to Christ Church from another tradition are encouraged to participate in the Catechumenate program and to be formally received by our Bishop into The Episcopal Church.

 Already a member of another Episcopal Church?  The Church office is ready to request a letter of transfer on your behalf.

For more information about attesting to your baptism, Reception, or to request a letter of transfer, please call 313-885-4842.