Annual Giving

“Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Creator,
who created all the lights in the heavens.”
—James 1:17

Stewardship is not our way of raising a budget.  It is God’s way of raising disciples.  Discover the joy of growing in your relationship to God as you Take the Next Step in your journey of generosity.  

The Journey of Generosity: Giving as a Practice of Faith

As Christians we strive to grow into the full stature of Christ – that is, to live with gratitude to God in all things and with sacrificial generosity to our neighbor in all times.  
At Christ Church, we have found this journey to be marked by five stages of discipleship.
Stages of Discipleship: 
Exploring faith – Making an intentional, relational gift to support the ministry of Christ Church (that is, becoming a known and acknowledged contributor)
Growing in faith – Knowing the proportion of your gift (as a percentage of your annual income)
Deepening in faith – Increasing the proportion of your gift (by 1% of our annual income)
Centered in faith – Tithing (giving just 10% of your annual income) with gratitude to God toward the ministry of Christ Church
Transforming faith – Giving beyond the tithe with joy and gladness to God to sustain the ministry of Christ Church 

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