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Reclaiming Our Voice (2020)

Ever struggled to talk about your faith? We all know the words of our faith – “grace” and “sin”, “God” and “believing” – but do we know what they really mean and how do they apply to our life?

Led by Thom Nealssohn and Fr. Drew, we explored the language of faith so that we can speak with confidence and clarity about the faith we share.

Lens of Love: Reading the Bible in its World for our World (2019)

Using our Bibles alongside of Jonathan Walton’s recent book, A Lens of Love, participants joined Fr. Brownridge to explore and discuss how we read and interpret the Bible morally and confidently as we engage society’s pressing issues. Walton provides interpretive tools to help us understand the context of the Scriptures in order to engage the richness of the Bible as we strive to live in the world in a biblically grounded, theologically sound, and socially responsible way.

The Book of Joy
(2020 Book Study)

Led by Fr. Walter Brownridge, we explored the rich theology and spirituality of Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.