Church School – Learning Together

Sunday Formation

10:15–11:00 am
 Education Wing
Godly Play 1:  Entering God’s Story
Age 3 – K
Our youngest children will be introduced to God’s story through Godly Play, a practical and innovative approach to religious education that helps children develop spiritually by experiencing God in the midst of play. In Godly Play, we follow the shape of worship through a greeting at the threshold, gathering together, hearing the Word, wondering or making sense of the Word, personal response time, sharing a feast, and dismissal.
Several of the foundational stories of our faith are shared annually (as they are for adults!) with the addition of enrichment stories mixed in throughout the year. As our children mature, the program grows with them, encouraging them to continue to explore their faith and God’s story through “wonder questions” and individualized response time.
Godly Play 2:  Exploring God’s Story
K – Grade 1
Our early elementary children continue to learn God’s Story using Godly Play. Built on the Building on the first stories learned in Godly Play 1 (Entering God’s Story), we begin to introduce supplemental stories that explore some of the great characters of the Judeo-Christian story. Our children’s exploration is nurtured through their “Wonder Questions” and individualized response time.
Living God’s Story
Grades 2–3
Using the Shine Curriculum as the foundation for our program, we’ll mix in a good bit of fun and play, to help our 2nd and 3rd graders explore Living God’s Story. Together our children will hear Mary and Elizabeth lift their voice to praise God, learn from as he teaches and heals in Galilee and gives his life in Jerusalem, and consider their gifts as peacemakers and servants alongside the first Christians in Ancient Rome.
Voyagers in Faith
Grades 4–5
Our older elementary kids continue their journey in faith as Voyagers together. Building on the Shine Curriculum, we will continue their journey through the ancient and modern world as they meet Jesus and his first disciples along the way.  

Wednesdays at Christ Church

5–8 pm  –  Undercroft and Education WIng

On Hold

Community Dinner
6–6:30 pm (all ages)
The Christian community first formed around the dinner table and we continue the tradition.  Join us any Wednesday evening for a wonderful community dinner served family style for all to enjoy.  Our children are invited to join the kids table or sit with parents, while older youth inevitably gather at the youth table!  With but a few exceptions, every Wednesday evening through May at 6pm a community dinner is served – and our children are welcome at the table.  
Enriching God's Story
Pre-K – Grade 1
6:30–8 pm
Built on the foundations of Godly Play, our youngest children come together to deepen their exploration God’s story with new and old stories from Godly Play and with expanded crafts and explorations throughout the year.
Enriching the Sacraments
Grade 2
5–6 pm
Our 2nd graders gather throughout the year to explore and deepen their understanding of God’s gift of Holy Communion.  Together with our children, beginning with Jesus' baptism and our own, we will explore the essential stories of Jesus and his disciples that lead to his last supper with them and the gift of Holy Communion for us today.  We hope that this enrichment experience will transform our children’s experience of the Sacrament of Holy Communion and help them to understand it better.
A parental note: For some of the children, this may serve as a first communion class. For others, it will provide an opportunity to explore together the pieces and meaning of our liturgy. In our tradition, however, all baptized children of any age are encouraged to participate in and receive Holy Communion. If you have any questions regarding your child’s ability to receive communion, please speak with Fr. Drew or any of the Christ Church clergy.
Enriching God's Community
Grades 3–5
6:30–8 pm
Wednesday nights children gather to form a deeper community with one another, full of excitement and wonder in God. The evening’s lesson is paired with age-appropriate games and activities that enrich the community at a deeper level of connection to God, each other and in relationship to the broader community.