Church School – Learning Together

Sunday Formation

Begins September 17, 2023
10:15–11:00 am
 Education Wing
Entering God’s Story
Age Pre-K 3 –3rd grade
In an uncluttered and unhurried setting, our children gather to learn the foundational stories of faith through storytelling, “wondering” about God’s story, and engaging in creative responses, before sharing in prayer and a simple feast together.
Exploring God's Story
Grades 2 -4
Through imaginative, interactive storytelling and creative response time our Exploring God’s Story children not only deepen their bond of community, but learn that the expression of faith is a life of compassionate peacemaking and service to our neighbor.
Discovering God's Story
Grades 5 - 7
As our youth continue to Discover God’s Story in community they are challenged to dig deeper into the meaning of God’s story to make meaningful connection to their personal lives.
Growing in God's Story
Grades 8 and Older
Returning to stories they have long known while learning new stories along the way, our older youth continue to Grow in God’s Story through reflective conversation, playful friendship, and intentional spiritual practice.

Thursdays at Christ Church

5–8 pm  –  Undercroft and Education Wing

Classes begin September 14

Enriching God's Story
Pre K–4th grade
5:00  pm
Using the unclutter methodologies of Godly Play, our children dive deeper into the age-old stories of faith.
Holy Eucharist
5:30 pm
Community Dinner
6 :00 pm - 6:45  pm (all ages)
The Christian community first formed around the dinner table and we continue the tradition.  Join us any Thursday evening for a wonderful community dinner served family style for all to enjoy.  Our children are invited to join the kids table or sit with parents, while older youth inevitably gather at the youth table!  With but a few exceptions, every Thursday evening through May at 6 pm a community dinner is served – and our children are welcome at the table.  
Rite 13
Grades 5th –7th
6:45 pm - 8  pm
Weaving together play and reflection, study and service, our youth continue their individual journey to adulthood and a personal life of generosity and peacemaking.
Youth Confirmation
Grade 8 and Older
6:45 –8:00 pm
Over the course of the year, our oldest youth gather for conversation and reflection upon the fundamental elements of our faith.  Building upon the foundational stories of God and exploring the core practices and expressions of the Episcopal tradition through candid questions and ancient practice, our youth are invited to reaffirm the promises of their baptism and take up their journey of faith through Confirmation by the Bishop.