Wednesdays, September 13, 2017 through May 9, 2018

6:30 pm in the Undercroft
Lead by: Fr. Drew & the Clergy of Christ Church

The Catechumenate (pronounced “kat-uh-KEW-meh-nut”) is an extensive 30-week class for adults offering formation in the basics of Christian faith and practice in the context of the Anglican tradition. Reaching back to the earliest days of Christianity, the Catechumenate is the earliest form of Adult formation, preparing adults for Baptism or Confirmation, Reception into The Episcopal Church, or the Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows.

The Catechumenate explores three core elements of our inherited faith:  Kerygma, that is the Biblical proclamation of the Good News of God in Jesus Christ; Didache, the ancient teaching of the apostles; and The Apostolic Way, the practices of Christian of our inherited faith.


  1. To have words to describe who God is; that is, to become aware of how God is working in one’s life.
  2. To be able to say who “we” (humanity) are, vis-à-vis God.
  3. To say who we are called to be.
  4. To say how we can live as disciples of Christ today.


  • This series is for those who have a desire to know Jesus, who want to grow deeper in faith and who want to engage their faith by participating in a learning community.  This formation is for those who wish to explore the ancient traditions and relevant applications in today’s world as one baptized into the Christian community.  
  • This series is foundational for adults seeking baptism, confirmation, or those challenged to live a baptized life.


  • Learn through a 28-session series that unfolds ever deeper, using inductive and deductive teaching methods, lay and clergy facilitators, engaging instructor-led with participant-centered content, reflection homework opportunities and devotional practices.


  • September 14, 2016 to May 25, 2017 (Twenty-eight sessions, approx. weekly with breaks)
  • 6:45pm to 8:00pm, following community dinner.


  • In the Undercroft, with certain “field trips.”


  • To challenge our faith, share our Christian theology, and learn what it means to be disciples of Christ.
  • To learn practical approaches to know and live the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • To grow the Christ Church community in spiritual depth and in community breadth.


  • Grounded in our baptismal and catechism teaching (BCP), this series will offer a variety of learning methods such as story-telling, story-listening, lecture, problem-solving, visual arts, role-play, music, art, video, and reflection and quiet-time to imprint learning and make it meaningful.  Visual arts includes opportunities to express oneself in guided mandala-making options and also stained glass windows.
  • By deepening our knowledge of God in Jesus and offering opportunities to practice our faith in deep and engaging ways, to connect with God and people to live the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Intended for adults called by God to make or renew their commitment of faith and deepen their spiritual lives, and for all who seek spiritual renewal, the Catechumenate will provide an opportunity to expand our knowledge of Scripture, deepen our relationship with Christ, and more fully understand our historic faith. For more information, please contact Maryann DeAngelo at or 313-885-4841, ext. 107.