Gifts & Greens Donations

We appreciate all donations to Gifts & Greens; it is our desire to consider all gifts while respecting the space and theme of the event: raising funds for Outreach while we gather together as a parish family to celebrate the holiday season.  This year's theme is to offer gifts that provide an experience for our parishioners. As an example, a donated “get away,” restaurant certificates or tickets to an arts or sports event. We are also looking for unusual gifts such as (but not limited to!) jewelry, sport equipment gift cards, or collectibles. This year we are asking for donations of the unique and unusual! For this reason, we request any who wish to donate items follow this process:

1)  Fill our the form below with the details of your donation
     a. New or pre-owned
     b. Describe the gift/donation
     c. Approximate Value of the Gift (for providing you the charitable donation form and for marketing)

2)  The committee will review your offer and communicate with you as quickly as they can. Please do not drop items off at the church without prior approval from Gifts & Greens. As the Parish Christmas Party joyfully grows, Gifts & Greens is working within limited space. Your support and understanding is gratefully appreciated!

If you have questions please email us at

Donation Item Information

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